Entertainment Services

Acoustic Designs are experienced in the design of internal acoustics for venues and theatres. This is a specialised area of acoustics requiring technical knowledge of architectural acoustics with specific practical experience to reliably achieve acoustics appropriate for each venue. Acoustic Designs have worked in this field for many years on projects from small audio production facilities and recording studios to TV and broadcast radio studios. We also undertake diagnostic and remedial works in this area.

Acoustic Designs are also experienced in measurement, assessment and control of noise from entertainment events and venues. This includes noise from pubs, clubs, theatres, nightclubs and other venues as well as outdoor concerts and festivals.

Loud music is part of the entertainment experience for a lot of pubs and clubs with venues using powerful sound systems to help create an immersive experience. Unfortunately that same sound system can cause problems for the neighbours of venues. Acoustic Designs can provide measurement, assessment and modelling of noise from entertainment sources both in permanent venues and for one-off indoor or outdoor events. Other sources of noise from entertainment can include noise from the operation of the venue such as vehicles transporting equipment, sets and props, heating and ventilation equipment and noise from people. Acoustic Designs are experienced in the measurement and assessment of all types of noise from venues.


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Acoustic Designs provide independent consultancy services in all areas of sound and vibration.